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Konzert mit Mr Bison, Blackwater Horizon, Pornophon


Freitag, 02.02.2018

Eintritt: 10,00€ , Einlass: 20:00

Jiiiieeeeeeehaaaaa an all euch Rockfans!!!
am 2.2.18 gibt's bei uns wieder fett was auf die Ohren.
Live Konzert mit Mr.Bison, Blackwater Horizon, Pornophon

Bands an diesem Event

Blackwater Horizon

Your soul’s an anvil and Blackwater Horizon is the hammer to ignite pure Rock in your veins. It is the handicraft of three Brothers in Music that delivers a live experience, steered and driven by an unstoppable, heart beatin’ groove machine. Their special ingredients? Big E’s unique and irresistible lead vocals, Ryan Summers’ lingerie rippin’ and leg spreadin’ drum performance and Matt McGe’s boner’d fretboard to low frequencies. Period.


Mr Bison

HARD BLUES / STONER Power trio MR BISON sound like'70s Hard Rock swagger and '90s stoner-groove: hints of Captain Beyond and Led Zeppelin fuse with liberal pinches of Clutch and Fu Manchu. Since 2009 the band have released one EP and two Full-Lenght albums, and finally the recently ASTEROID via SUBSOUND Records. It's atypical trio, isn't a classic trio guitar,bass and drums...in addition to the skin they have two guitars that togheter creating a massive wall of sound where the listener...



Dabei seit 1998. 2018 wird JEDER Gig zum exzessiven Geburtstagsfest. 20 Jahre Bandgeschichte wollen würdig gefeiert werden. Mit Dir! Andere sagen: Hardcore. Metal. Laut. Wir sagen: Lo-Fi Indoor Terror. Songs über Liebe. Leben. Hass und Wut.